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Мир моторов. A how-to guide on adjusting the valves on a 2009 Honda Rebel 250 motorcycle. Please note that although this is a 2009 model, this particular engine remains relatively unchanged from its inception in 1985. Похожее видео по ссылкам ниже.

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Комментарии (17)
dkf22 # 23 июня 2012 в 10:01 0
watched this for fun! lol, great walkthrough
mili-evi # 23 июня 2012 в 15:14 0
Nicely done! Tnx man!
andrej # 9 июля 2012 в 06:29 0
u helpet me alot on my RegalRaptor NAC25,thanks,greeting from Macedonia
zep # 18 июля 2012 в 03:16 0
That was the Honda Rebel Maintenance/Repair Manual. Back in the early days of computers 70's-80's people were more familiar with toasters than computers. When it came time to mess with computers and pull out the manuals, they were affectionately known as toaster manuals.
zep # 25 июля 2012 в 12:37 0
It may not be tappet related. Have your motorcycle inspected by a qualified mechanic. When your engine loses its life-blood without realizing it, it can do bad things and your issue is beyond the scope of this video. Good luck, I hope its not too bad.
mike # 13 сентября 2012 в 01:01 0
dean love the video. By the way you have the cleanest garage around you are a sick and twisted individual.
kayleb42 # 25 октября 2012 в 07:40 0
pls help
dean # 9 ноября 2012 в 18:31 0
kayleb, make sure that you cleaned the carb thoroughly. Anything left in any of the passages can be a problem. Make sure that you follow specs according to the repair manual. The carb can be finicky but it has its sweet point. Remember that the choke is a fuel enrichening circuit; when used it adds more fuel. Is your idle set correctly. 1,100 +/-. Also check the Honda Rebel forums for assistance! Those guys are great.
emilio # 30 января 2013 в 15:35 0
Great video! Thanks! I have a 1997 rebel! I hope you will be posting more videos! :-)
zep # 31 января 2013 в 08:20 0
Absolutely but only a small amount of ticking. The ticking should be mixed in with the rest of the engine sounds. If you're just sitting there idle you should be able to hear it but it's really nothing to be concerned about. If that sounds more like a tapping above all other sounds then you may want to have it looked at.
alexb0i # 10 февраля 2013 в 14:58 0
Is a small bit of ticking normal on the rebel 250 engine?
zep # 19 февраля 2013 в 02:22 0
bglaze, I wish you good luck in your efforts. I'm certain with the video you will do a great job indeed. The pizza cutter tool is merely a metal screen/frame tool to install screens for windows.
zep # 19 февраля 2013 в 15:34 0
Excellent point! I never considered that. My thought process was along the lines of allowing greater intake and exhaust time providing the same result. Other viewers will appreciate the feedback here.
k4rt80y # 10 марта 2013 в 11:33 0
I'll bet you could use a small diameter pizza cutter to do the same thing.
chopperm # 27 марта 2013 в 03:53 0
Great video thankyou:)
yootuber # 21 апреля 2013 в 22:06 0
I loved your video. The image quality is excellent, you go at just the right pace and are really precise. The best part were the bloopers at the end. At first I though you messed up with editing and had it start from the beginning again. Very funny! :) I'm glad the engine doesn't use shim/bucket kinda valves. Even though this type doesn't keep its clearance as well or the clearance is not as precise, it's easier to adjust and seems to take no time at all, especially when you have only 4 valves.
catzby # 24 мая 2013 в 10:41 0
The tool that you use to remove the crank case coverings, where can I get one?
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