Stoeger X20 S air rifle combo - AGR Episode #68 винтовка stoeger atac suppressor в кредит when will the stoeger atac suppressor gas ram air rifle available in uk stoeger atac review

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Лучший видеопортал о двигателе. examines the new contender for the quietest spring powered break barrel air rifle. Смотрите интересное видео о мотрах на нашем портале.

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Комментарии (87)
emleroa # 18 февраля 2012 в 15:48 0
I was going to buy one of these on Pyramyd Air until I saw mention of the new Stoeger ATAC in the comments. Gas piston, improved trigger system, Stoeger suppressor, 22 cal, and a new stock? Yes, please! Would also love to see a review on the Stoeger ATAC in 22 cal as well.
nsrage94 # 21 февраля 2012 в 14:57 0
I think it will be available here in the UK, only question is when. It shows up on the Stoeger EN website but the combo package comes with a 4x32 scope instead of the fancy 4-16x40 ao mildot they will supply in the states (lucky Americans), not too much of a problem though, my X20 was grouping tight enough for me to shell out a little extra on a nicer scope and if the ATAC is even better I will do so again.
truzzi1 # 23 февраля 2012 в 10:12 0
You just sold it to me!
pyramyda # 25 февраля 2012 в 21:58 0
I have shared your request with the rest of the team.Thanks,Pyramyd Air Team
torta # 26 февраля 2012 в 08:02 0
Hi Paul can you make a review of the Stoeger ATAC suppressor??? I have many doubts about this airgun, like accuracy, trigger, and your opinion of the Gas Ram technology, is it better than the IGT or NP?Greetings from Mexico, your reviews are the best Paul
peterrma # 1 марта 2012 в 17:00 0
I like that you said thank you to Buster. I do, too.
kevin # 3 марта 2012 в 18:17 0
hey im planning of buying a break barrel that shoots around 1200 and has metal iron sights,,, any suggestions would be nice thanks.
acehocke # 6 марта 2012 в 04:19 0
pyramyda # 9 марта 2012 в 07:23 0
Sorry, we do not carry a replacement trigger for it currently. Not sure if it's available out there but it might be!Thank youPyramyd Air Team
pyramyda # 11 марта 2012 в 09:46 0
The Gamo Whisper and the x20s are have about the same loudness. If you are looking for something for small game, I would suggest the Gamo Whisper.Thanks,Pyramyd Air Team
pyramyda # 12 марта 2012 в 09:21 0
You absolutely can shoot pigeons with this gun!Thanks,Pyramyd Air Team
pyramyda # 17 марта 2012 в 01:57 0
Yes it does. It shoots 1200 fps.Thanks,Pyramyd Air Team
john # 2 апреля 2012 в 21:53 0
is this quieter than the gamo whisper
rouelibr # 7 апреля 2012 в 18:06 0
What pisses me off is the "grouping scam". Well we have a fair " grouping. This gun sure shoots right!Why don't you zero the scope or the iron sight and then shoot groupings. They'd be around the bull's eye at least? OK, just a pissof comment. I know the game. :O))
luis # 16 апреля 2012 в 10:15 0
is this version the same as the non suppresed?
daniel # 19 апреля 2012 в 19:52 0
is this gun more quiet or the benjamin trail np? i am trying to look for the quietest air rifle for the money, preferably gas/nitro piston. i only use it for backyard plinking and im in the city. should i stick to .177 or .22?
daniel # 5 мая 2012 в 06:51 0
which gun has more recoil? the x20s or the trail? which one might be easier to shoot for a beginner?
thecrazy # 14 мая 2012 в 00:50 0
I'm now on my third scope, the first two being Leapers and this last one a Bushnell Trophy 4-12x40 thinking the problem with this Stoeger X-20S is a scope problem. As much as I hate to admit it, this rifle is a piece of crap. I 've been unable to make consistent 3" groupings at 10 yards since I purchased. Unfortunately, I've been screwing around with this junk since I purchased it back in July so it's ullikely the gun shop where I purchased it will take it back for a refund.
pyramyda # 14 мая 2012 в 10:45 0
It might be able to deliver enough energy to do the job but accuracy will suffer tremendously at this distance. We would not recommend hunting with this particular air rifle at that distance, unless you are a very good shot, and have spring break-barrel air rifle shooting technique. Please read Airgun Hunting article on our web site.Thank youPyramyd Air Team
aaron # 19 мая 2012 в 01:43 0
What caliber is the gun your testing? Jackass
bools # 26 мая 2012 в 13:42 0
great video. I have to ask , I was going to get this gun whith no scope what (lowish price) scope would you recomend?
jacob # 26 мая 2012 в 14:43 0
what is the quietist he has i want a very queit gun
pyramyda # 2 июня 2012 в 07:52 0
The lightest lead pelets we carry in .22 are 14.3, that's the max velocity 1000 fps. Paul is testing with heavier .22 lead pellets. You want to keep your air rifle shooting under 900 fps (subsonic). for better accuracy.Thank youPyramyd Air Team
thewulfo # 20 июня 2012 в 13:16 0
I just won this gun in the name it and win it contest on facebook. Looks nice. I will probably use the metal targets and just plink with it. If I use lead .22 pellets will they bounce or ricochet back or will they just deform once they hit the target? I would say deform, but all I have ever used is airpistol replicas firing .177 steel BBs. So I don't know about pellets. Thanks Pyramyd Air! :)
prym # 22 июня 2012 в 02:20 0
And whats the no.1 gun?
prym # 25 июня 2012 в 18:48 0
So whats the PERFECT pellet for that ?
thecrazy # 26 июня 2012 в 22:52 0
I think my problem has finally been taken care of after two months of screwing around with the standard UTG mount, the BKL mount, the UTG drooper scope rail with Weaver mount rings, then back to the BKL with shims. Turns out the scope was bad. I returned the scope and the two UTG mounts to Pyramyd, keeping the BKL mount, they in turn sent me a replacement scope and issued me a refund for the mounts. Pyramyd was very helpful and "Stacey" was a real pro in actually solving my problem. Thanks!
thecrazy # 29 июня 2012 в 23:47 0
Do you live in a city or in a rural area? If you're on an acre of property I'm assuming you live outside a city. What are the gun laws where you live? If there are no regulations against shooting where you are then you're good to go. The ONLY reason I purchased the Stoeger was because of the Suppressor. Since the Stoeger is made in CHINA, my last advice to you is to research the quality of European made airguns vs. those from China, there is a major difference.
thecrazy # 3 июля 2012 в 06:58 0
To the Pyramydair team, especially Gene S., thank you very much for dealing with my frustration in the very professional manner you exhibited. You spent a lot of time with me this afternoon explaining why I was having the problem with my Stoeger and scope and offered several suggestions which I am going to try. Your customer support is first class and Pyramydair will always be the go-to folks for my airgun needs...........Thanks again Gene
thecrazy # 3 июля 2012 в 18:36 0
Not all is well. Just shot 11 pellets via the adjusted setup with the BKL mount and shims. First 5 shots were in the quarter sized "9" zone then the next 6 dropped between 1" and 2 1/2" below target point. At a target range of only 8 - 9 yds., that should not be happening unless there is a problem with the scope itself, which is what I have suspected all along. Will send a PM with my email address and hope for a response. When received, I will send a photo of my last target
thecrazy # 12 июля 2012 в 16:15 0
Thanks, I'm aware of that and I'm waiting for Pyramyd to call me and discuss the problem I've been having.
thecrazy # 24 июля 2012 в 13:08 0
Follow the comments regarding my problems with the Stoeger and the Leaper Scope and mounts before you accessorize, it might save you some headache. I'll follow up with any advice that Pyramidair gives me if they should return my call.........
thecrazy # 1 августа 2012 в 14:45 0
Nope, they were NOT giving me the run around......Gene and I were finally able to phone connect today (he had to call twice since I wasn't available) and he spent some time discussing my problem and explaining why I had them with my Stoeger X-20s.... He offered several solutions which I am going to implement once I leave the computer. Kudos to Gene and especially Pyramydair for these very instructional videos and their knowledgable support staff..........
thecrazy # 26 августа 2012 в 23:12 0
You got a good deal. We here in Michigan can't order out of state without going thru a FFL dealer. The scope on the Stoeger is lousy and you should consider buying another. The trigger is also poor and greatly affects your accuracy. I as well as others, recommend purchasing a GRT III trigger thru CharlieDaTuna. Charlie has a video at his site and the replacement process is simple. Cost is only about $32 with shipping and the difference is like night and day. You won't regret it
thecrazy # 28 августа 2012 в 14:22 0
Requested info was sent Thursday, 8/16/12.........
thecrazy # 5 сентября 2012 в 14:09 0
Purchased the X20s and UTG 3-12x40 scope with recommended mounts. Mounts caused shots to shoot left and when reversed, it shot right. I replaced with BKL 260D7-MB, Long Drop Compensated mount. Shots were consistantly 6" below target (7 - 8 yds) even when the vertical adjustment was maxed out. Inserted shims which raised shot pattern only temporarily then again continued to shoot below point of aim and eratic. Don't know if its the scope or the rifle but one of them is not functioning.
fallout3 # 12 сентября 2012 в 16:07 0
what are the top 3 quitest air rifles you have ever tested?
yasin # 16 сентября 2012 в 18:28 0
What are you views on a Benjamin Sheridan Benjamin Trail NP.22 Wood Stock BT9M22WNP
yasin # 18 сентября 2012 в 13:01 0
I heard how fine the nitro piston's are but just wondering about the power of it.
yasin # 18 сентября 2012 в 23:39 0
Oh ok, thank you much sir!!
pyramyda # 22 сентября 2012 в 23:06 0
Yes, X20S has enough power to hunt rabbits, depending on distance should work well for you.Thank youPyramyd Air Team
jordanre # 28 сентября 2012 в 07:06 0
thanks alot know which one to buy now thanks jordan
pyramyda # 1 октября 2012 в 20:25 0
Yes, it should work fine for rabits up to 30 yards. .22 is recommended for hunting.Thank youPyramyd Air Team
pyramyda # 3 октября 2012 в 14:46 0
It comes with a 4x32 scope. We can offer an upgraded scope (unfortunately we cannot offer credit for the one it comes with so you will end up with 2 scopes). We can of course, mount and zero-in the air rifle (we sell a service like that), unfortunately at the moment we do not have an upgraded trigger available for the X20S. Give us a call 888-262-4867 during normal business hours and we will be happy to take your order!Thank youPyramyd Air Team
conanthe # 7 октября 2012 в 08:17 0
Hi Pyramid Air, for small to medium pest control would you recomend the Benjamin Trail NP, Gamo Silent Stalker IGT, or Stoeger X20? (All in .22) Thanks
bassette # 21 октября 2012 в 00:47 0
Nice doggy :) its funny how they just dig like crazy :)
pyramyda # 24 октября 2012 в 10:56 0
Please click on the 10-4-10 icon on the product pages to read more about it.Thank youPyramyd Air Team
nitrogly # 24 октября 2012 в 13:38 0
which air gun would you recommedrws 34.benjamin trail np,stoeger x20 s
myeveryt # 13 ноября 2012 в 10:29 0
im looking at this gun in .177 but not silenced or the gamo silent cat in .177 which one should i get
raychris # 13 ноября 2012 в 17:42 0
Hello, Pyramid air, I know if a gun is well oiled and cleaned afterward it can be shot in light rain but do you think its a bad idea for this x20 scope to be in the rain? thanks
desertlo # 24 ноября 2012 в 04:03 0
Would love to see this in gas ram!
xboxcarm # 24 ноября 2012 в 21:00 0
what is the maximum distance that this gun can get consistent accurate groups at, in .177 calibre?
sysco # 26 ноября 2012 в 04:01 0
i bought this gun and i tried crosman hollow point pellets and jsbs and cant get consistent shot groups i plan to retun it and get the titan or a nitro springer under 200 what do you guys think?
thepensm # 6 декабря 2012 в 08:12 0
ps. I intend to buy it in 177
thepensm # 7 декабря 2012 в 10:49 0
well here they sell almost nothing else than 177. cal.so do you think I should better buy the stoeger x50,which has some more power, for hunting birds?
andyjv20 # 13 декабря 2012 в 09:19 0
I wonder what the other two springer in his "quiet" top 3 were... 84db is insanely quiet......
flyboyhe # 17 декабря 2012 в 15:06 0
It might have excellent accuracy so long as you use the right pellets. So far, I've got pretty rubbish groupings and I think the reason is because the breach is so strangely tight. You have to almost force some pellets in which deforms them aerodynamically before they've even left the barrel. And as the pellets are in so tight, it also makes them drop quite considerably over even modest ranges as more force is required to make the pellet leave the barrel.
matthewx # 17 декабря 2012 в 22:49 0
What is the quietest? And are nitros quieter then springers?
themetal # 22 декабря 2012 в 13:00 0
yeah, nitro piston guns will seem quieter than springers. their actual decibel reading is higher, but it's so quick that it doesn't seem nearly as loud.
pyramyda # 26 декабря 2012 в 01:32 0
Have you tried "Artillery Hold"?Thank you,Pyramyd Air Team
pyramyda # 28 декабря 2012 в 15:25 0
Thank you, it is hard to test this. I would discuss this issue with the retailer you purchased it from.Thank you,Pyramyd Air Team
rdcd20 # 6 января 2013 в 05:04 0
Are all of the stock screws tight ? If not, tighten all of them. The scope may be a factor too.
16monarc # 11 января 2013 в 17:58 0
would you choose between having the Gamo® Silent Stalker Whisper® IGT™ Air Rifle or the Stoeger X20s air rifle combo for its performace and quietness for use in the back yard?
16monarc # 12 января 2013 в 20:50 0
haha i think ill just do that thanks
paul # 17 января 2013 в 06:54 0
I like the Model 34 :)
pyramyda # 19 января 2013 в 17:56 0
No, dieseling is not good for airguns. It puts extra pressure on the internals.Thank you,Pyramyd Air Team
ramneeks # 22 января 2013 в 07:48 0
Hi there, thanks for the reviewWhich one out of Gamo whisper and x20 is more quite?or any other considerable difference.thanks again
mrhotrod # 24 января 2013 в 16:06 0
hey pyramid air i saw the 20x without a scope does the one without a scope have a rail for a red dot ,ect.
pyramyda # 26 января 2013 в 04:09 0
Gamo Whisper with Nitro Piston upgrade is the 3rd air rifle Paul is referring to in this video.Thank youPyramyd Air Team
weehooke # 7 февраля 2013 в 06:40 0
I suspected as much. Having owned and compared both side by side, I would agree that the x20S has a slight(!) edge in quietness over the NP (Trail). ( Both to the ear and SPL meter.) In fairness, the NP trail did have just a bit more power in my examples though.Thanks for the reply.
bilgrami # 9 февраля 2013 в 19:33 0
dear paul, can you please review airarms s-200 in .177. i know it is not a new product, but it is surely one of the top quality cz gun. thanks...........
expertsh # 16 февраля 2013 в 15:54 0
Deer PaulCould you do a review on the crossman phantom?
rolandma # 27 февраля 2013 в 02:18 0
please can you do a review of the gamo dynamax thanks!
pyramyda # 12 марта 2013 в 11:09 0
Thank you, we will add it to the list.Thank youPyramyd Air Team
cordero # 17 марта 2013 в 09:27 0
Great review Paul, now will you go check out my review of my Stoeger X20 S? :)
misterwi # 18 марта 2013 в 22:42 0
i heard the the scope rail o this riflt is tilted, so that the scope leans to left side of the barrel, did you notice this or was ithe rail "correct" on your rifle?
mrderick # 19 марта 2013 в 10:17 0
Hey Paul I go a Remington npps 177.cal it great air gun but I can never get good groups wat can I do can you help me out
cyberwol # 21 марта 2013 в 21:43 0
can you do a review of the sig sauer gsr
jason232 # 5 апреля 2013 в 02:17 0
id like to see the crossmen npss if u haven't done that one
edgunusa # 7 апреля 2013 в 03:29 0
Paul mentioned that this Stoeger X20 is one of the three quietest springers he has reviewed. Could you please tell us the other two? Thanks guys - and keep on with the great videos! ted
edgunusa # 10 апреля 2013 в 19:03 0
I love air rifles. I go where they go. :)
pyramyda # 15 апреля 2013 в 05:01 0
Sorry, the dog is NOT for sale!Thank youPyramyd Air Team
mrderick # 18 апреля 2013 в 15:33 0
What brand is better crosman. Remington. Gamo.
jade # 27 апреля 2013 в 23:27 0
fordfanf # 7 мая 2013 в 20:31 0
Always very informative! Thanks you guys.
liming # 9 мая 2013 в 08:16 0
please review some big bore in HD!!
sptnk87 # 17 мая 2013 в 12:33 0
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